Open your muy mucho store!
Open muy mucho store means to belong to a strong group in full expansion. Our central purchasing will be your only supplier to facilitate the development of your business in a stable manner, adopting a competitive and sustainable position over the long term

The absence of middlemen will allow you to offer exclusive products at the best price.

Local area: 500-250m2 Location of the local: privileged area or mall Approximate investment: 150.000€ to 250.000€ Entrance: 15.000€ Royalties on sales: None Contract duration: 5 years renewable

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Collections Management

Our long experience in the wholesale and retail offers us a thorough knowledge of the sector and the latest fashion trends. The franchisee will benefit from a procurement policy based on a high rotation of products and novelties, with a report incomparable value.

Visual Merchandising

Our marketing team look after the image of all stores. It creates the most efficient communication. She is interested in the needs of customers by providing them solutions. She is aware of the importance of visual and linear windows and constantly improving. And all this in a single purpose: customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty to them. We must pass than muy mucho we offer much ... for very little.

Selection and negotiation of local

With our experience to select the best room according to its location, size and financial conditions. We can assist you in negotiating the terms of the lease, waiting for work, duration of the contract ...

Furnishings and decoration of the local

If you wish, our work team ensures the delivery of the local "turnkey", with a design project and tailor-made decoration.

It has its own premises to locate your franchise ?