Our main goal is to become the go-to brand in Europe for decoration, creating natural, warm, and harmonious spaces that bring the peace we all seek when coming home.

All of this, while helping people find ways to take care of themselves, pamper themselves, because feeling good at home means being happy.

At In muy mucho, we strongly adhere to the 3Rs rule: reduce, recycle, and reuse, for the creation and planning of our collections. This way, we manage to decrease waste volume and take care of the environment by focusing on the production of more sustainable products.

Our commitment to environmental care and sustainability drives us to keep working towards finding more sustainable materials, as well as responsible and locally-based manufacturing processes.


Local products

We manufacture many of our products in neighboring countries, as well as locally in Spain.

✓ Our bath towels: Sourced from PORTUGAL and made 100% from cotton.
✓ Scents: Manufactured in CATALONIA and many of our collections in PORTUGAL.
✓ Table Linens: Created and designed in SPAIN.
✓ Glass: Carafes and vases are made in SPAIN and EGYPT.
✓ Wood: Photo frames, small decorations, and incense holders come from MOROCCO.

Recycled materials

Our philosophy is rooted in giving a second life to durable and reusable materials like wood. That’s why many of our stationery products are made from recycled paper. Additionally, our furniture is crafted from recycled wood, making each piece unique and one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, the acacia and mango wood we use, such as in our cutting boards, comes from sustainably managed forests due to their durability.

✓ For our carafes, candle holders, and glasses, we also use 100% RECYCLED GLASS.
✓ Lastly, we highlight our soft towels, made from RECYCLED POLYESTER.
✓ In our home textile section, our cushions are manufactured using RECYCLED FIBERS, and we always have a display of RECYCLED COTTON available in-store.

Single-use plastic alternatives

✓ Products like glass food containers, on-the-go cutlery, textile food bags (replacing the use of aluminum foil), and travel bottles, eliminate single-use plastic and are made from metal, stainless steel, and/or glass.
✓ Furthermore, we offer versatile items such as baskets, boxes, rugs, and cotton bags, allowing you to give multiple purposes to a single product.


We remain committed to achieving a 100% PLASTIC-FREE approach to our packaging. Whenever feasible, we opt for cardboard, recycled paper, and Kraft paper as our primary choices for product packaging. Additionally, we’re reducing plastic usage in shipping by substituting plastic protective materials, such as bubble wrap, with recycled paper alternatives.

Ingredients derived from nature and/or vegan sources

✓ Cosmetics crafted from plant-based and/or vegan raw materials
✓ Environmentally friendly products

Give our water container a second life: cut it along the dotted line and plant your seeds to enjoy plants in your home. Plant mint, parsley, oregano, cilantro, or dill seeds for easy germination right in your house.

Packaging made from cardboard and bioplastic | CO2 reduction | BPA-free