You’ve asked us so often for these new items!

We’re pleasured to announce the arrival of new products in our fragrance category: candles, sticks and incense.

Dare to perfume your home with your favourite aroma and fill it with good energy thanks to the home diffusers we offer.

1. New incense

Introducing this season’s stars!

Our new 100% natural incenses are a dream come true.

We’ve got 6 relaxing aromas to choose from, one to suit every moment.
They contain no chemical additives, pesticides or colourings.
They are made in Spain
You’ll enjoy 45 minutes of peace
Could they be any more brilliant?

Take a look at our incense category and choose the aroma that best represents you. We also have a wide range of incense burners, in colours and materials to suit all tastes.

2. New sticks, decorative diffuser

Our new stick diffuser is simply irresistible!

As well as releasing a unique fragrance, it’s a wonderful detail for decorating any room. Its design, which combines glass and wood, also incorporates dried fruit or leaves for a more natural touch.

Embellishing your favourite corner with these sticks !

3. New candles

New scented candles are one of our new products this year.

If there’s anything surprising in this article, it’s the wide variety of scents you can find in the same candle. Surprise your guests by enveloping your home in fresh aromas like apple, lemon and orange, or warm ones like cinnamon, rose or vanilla.

What’s more, you can choose between two different sizes: 19 or 65 hours of unique fragrances.

Choose your favourite and enjoy the scent of these new scented candles made for all kinds of spaces.